Never give up a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

- Earl Nightingale

About me

Bastian Kroggel

In case you were wondering who Bastian Kroggel is, what this site is all about or how to get in touch with him? — The following sections might held some answers for you.

Bastian Kroggel

Driven by an urge to keep pace with the evolving technical environment + distinguished by the broad knowledge of theoretical aspects but also technical details and hands-on approaches.

Wildspitz, Unterägeri, Switzerland

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About Site

The idea is simple, the approach as well—yet the implementation holds some challenges. The current iteration of the internet is shaped by the possibilities that social networks provide their user base with. In reverse that however also means that a very little group of companies concentrate—at least a substantial amount of—the entirety of user generated content on their own platforms.

I honestly do not mind those practices, they actually work fairly well and allow a lot of people to participate on the web who otherwise would not be able to express their own thoughts.
Nevertheless those platforms most of the time lack search machine compatibility and are rather a data grave than an open and easily accessible catalog of thoughts, opinions and information.

That in mind I created a personal counterpoint to the common state of art. Surely I integrated a highly customized Twitter feed in my site—convenience + reach are still variables that should not be underrated—but the main aspect of this site is a simple yet highly effective blog system that provides an entirely customizable and plain text-files based experience that not just allows to back up all information at any time but also to keep all data in my own possession in the first place—features that are still highly missed on social networks these days.

All together this website should provide an insight in my own opinions and ideas, act as a silo + wiki for notes I do like to keep track of and at the same time would like to share with the world and of course it should be the one point of contact some needs to reach out on the web in order to get hold of all publicly available and confirmed information regarding myself.

Anyways, I honestly hope I am able to provide you with the exact details you are looking for and—of course—I am always happy to hear from you.


About Site

About Bastian

What drives me is an urge to keep pace with the constantly evolving digital environment, what distinguishes me is the broad knowledge about not just the theoretical and strategic approaches but also the technical details and actual ways of implementation—the development.

While my educational background at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen on the shores of Lake Constance equips me with a generalistic yet in certain areas highly focused perspective, my personal skills provide me with the ability to also transfer those information into an actual production ready solution.

Besides a general enthusiasm for technology the spectrum of interests also covers creative areas like a strong preference for contemporary literature, for simple yet effective design and a long-standing experience as a piano playing musician.

Probably on the road right now with my motorcycle.
— The way of clearing my mind.

Winston Churchill

I am easily satisfied with the very best.

About Bastian

My Timeline

Outline and insight of my current and past professional as well as educational experiences + career. By no means should this be seen as a comprehensive, detailed and complete timeline rather than a short summary of the—in my eyes—most important waypoints of my background.

If you would like to know how to get added to that list feel free to head over to my Contact Section and get in touch with me.

07/2018 — now

Plug & Play
Germany GmbH

Senior Manager Events & Operations former: Marketing Manager

Stuttgart, Germany
part of the Startup Autobahn division

uniting global young tech companies with the unrivalled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and the best of German engineering

11/2016 — 01/2017



Things move China GmbH
Berlin, GER
Online platform that connects independent European brands and their customers in China

  • conception and modeling of the business model
  • strategic concept and implementation of website re-design
  • investor relations due diligence of fit, preparation of pitch deck and documentation, participation in negotiations
  • shaping of B2B acquisition strategy

07/2016 — 10/2016

Viaflats B.V.


Online housing rental platform
Maastricht, NL

  • customer experience and service improvement
  • conceptualization of future modifications and features for business processes/platform in cooperation with the IT department
  • market research and development of investors pitch deck

since 2015


an initiative organized by students to build a bridge between the university program and the technological capabilities which the digital work environment requires

since 2015



for various public initiatives and private organisations

  • PPE-Conference, Transcultural Leadership Summit
  • ZU-LearningNetwork

06/2015 — 08/2015


in cooperation with CareerFoundry
Berlin, GER

  • main focus on Web- and Agile Software Development
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails

06/2014 — 07/2014


Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen
in cooperation with Allianz Global Investors
Frankfurt, GER

  • transfer of scientific results into practice
  • process market research studies
  • development of ideas and concepts for the brand management
  • support of the leading management

01/2012 — 09/2017




  • interdisciplinary program combining business administration and economics as well as cultural, communication and political science
  • Bachelor Thesis at the Chair for Strategic Management and Human Resources Management:
    ( original title in german: Analyse der Auswirkungen von Streaming-Anbietern auf die Fernsehindustrie )

09/2012 — 10/2012




  • organization and planning of activities and events
  • support of the management team

07/2012 — 07/2012



Logistics Operator based in Meckenbeuren, GER

  • development and creation of transit times and air waybills
  • administration, archiving and scheduling of daily business
  • customer communication and external communication on national and international level

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On LinkedIn you can find Bastians track record and important positions of his professional life. Most of the interesting information can also be found on his personal website but if you are curious you are of course absolutely welcome to check out his LinkedIn profile.

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