Never give up a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

- Earl Nightingale

  • Tech-Enthusiast and Design-Lover. Interested in all things Internet. Graduated with a Corporate Management & Economics degree at Zeppelin University on the shores of Lake Constance and is currently working on tomorrows future at STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play. Millennial, piano playing musician and born digital native. Always on the hunt for new products and services in the web and technology based environment. If you'd like to contact me head over to my Contact Page or ping me on Twitter.

  • Bastian Kroggel

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The internet is a cluttered silo of bits and pieces of information, a mixture of notes and thoughts worth noting. The issue with it? To discover the exact stories you should most probably know about is close to impossible. To big the amount of data out there, to little the time and energy to work through the mess.

Back in the days newspapers and the media served the need for a preselection and an overview of important events. Nowadays more and more alternativ solutions like online platforms & news apps attract the attention of the users. However, the internet is—imho—about connecting decentralized individuals and not just about creating a single instance that provides information to everybody.

We all are enabled to participate in sharing & selecting information. Social networks are a perfect example of how we are able to raise our voice and shed a light on the aspects we consider important. And that is what my ReadingList is supposed to be:

A curated list of articles and media fragments worth noting. Some with additional thoughts of mine—some just stored to be highlighted and discovered.

Please also note the Disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

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